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Connecticut Magazine's BEST OF 2010

Date: 9/2/2011

Connecticut Magazine wrote...
In the 1930's, film director Ernst Lubitsch celebrated the romance of that era's Shop Around the Corner. We think of wee, charming Artisan's as the contemporary Connecticut equivalent, probably because we're sure you'll fall in love at first sight with the fine American crafts showcased in this hand-built, family-run Plainville Victorian. Now in it's 30th year, it's long been the place to find premier fused glassware by Peggy Karr of New Jersey, Silver Seasons botanical jewelry (by Fairfield's Michael Michaud) and durable, nature-inspired stoneware by Aldrich Valley Pottery in Missouri. Striking new finds include beaded, wire-worked fantasy jewelry by Starlight Glassworks of Texas and reversible tapestry jackets by Winding River Clothing of Massachusetts.

We at Artisan’s are...
truly honored to be in the company of CONNECTICUT’S BEST. We are incredibly excited to receive recognition from Connecticut Magazine for a third year. It is the frosting on the cake as we begin celebrating 30 years as a retailer of American craft. We are inspired to continue our quest to bring fine American craft to Connecticut. There is a vast amount of talent in this country, we make our selection with an eye for quality and affordability. We seek new emerging artists to keep our collection interesting for our longtime loyal customers and still support the artists who have pioneered the American crafts movement and never cease to amaze us with their latest creations. We are grateful to be able to surround ourselves with such beauty and call it a “day of work.”  We thank Connecticut Magazine and all of our customers who continue to support our family-run business as we enter our 31st year.

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